How To Blog In 5 Minutes From Anywhere

NoteMonkey Team, Thu Aug 04, 2016 8:06 PM


Have Something Worth Saying?

At some point this week you'll have something worth saying that others need to hear. During these moments we typically turn to services like Twitter, Facebook and Periscope to unleash our thoughts onto unsuspecting passers-by. For the brave few who've decided to create their own blog, well, they understand the significant effort it can take to setup & maintain a site, and moderate the comments in their virtual world.

NoteMonkey, solves this problem by allowing you to publicly share any of your documents right from your account! Pain free! Headache free! You are always in control of which documents remain private and those you want to share publicly. Best of all, each public document is unlisted so, only those with whom you've shared the link with will even know that it exists! Hahaha Woooo! Of course you can update your document as often as you'd like and even make it private again to keep prying eyes away.

Essentially were talking about blogging without a blog!

5 Minutes?
  1. Create and/or Sign into your free NoteMonkey account (
  2. Write your thoughts down as a Note or a List.
  3. Make your document Public
  4. Share the Public link
  5. Tada! You just made a blog post!

NoteMonkey is an easy to use note and list journaling app that syncs in realtime while safely storing your data in cloud. Create and access your notes and lists while at home or on the go. NoteMonkey is available on iOS, Android, and the Web. Best of all, it's absolutely free! Anywhere and everywhere. With NoteMonkey you'll be blogging in under 5 minutes!

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JR Leonard
NoteMonkey Team

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